There is a more cost effective way to locate the difficult deposits.
Resonance Coupling technology is a new method of mineral exploration using satellite based data analysis. It is the only technology to the best of our knowledge that locates and analyses mineral deposits directly. For example, if you are searching for diamonds we look for diamonds and not the host kimberlite rock nor the magnetic qualities of the surroundings.
New technology that saves money
  • Complements air magnetic surveys and seismic work
  • Complements field programs making them more effective
  • Logistical support including airfare and camp expense savings
  • Weather delays aren’t a factor
  • Reduced risk of drilling in the wrong place
  • Overall reduction in costs
  • Increased value for monies spent
  • Resonance Coupling gives your company a real competitive advantage

Molecular Resonance Coupling is a spectrum change that occurs when two atomic structurally identical substances match each other. We have applied this technology and have developed a proprietary method of measuring this response so that given a sample of oil or other mineral, we can locate the same substance that is underground and not yet discovered. This technology is revolutionizing the exploration for and discovery of mineral deposits worldwide.