St. Martin’s Copper Project

henry  lake and soaring eagle

St Martin’s copper was discovered in the 1860s but the historical records were lost and no exploration was done in this area until Robert Murray, a local prospector, starting finding numerous surface showings of malachite on the property. We optioned the property from Mr. Murray in 2012. We have two claim blocks – Henry Lake and Soaring Eagle representing approximately 3000 hectares. We have 42 discreet copper showings on the surface.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, we took soil samples and did trenching to find additional copper. We found numerous samples of tenorite where the copper mineral had replaced the manganese in a dendritic form. The assay values kept surprising us until we positively identified tenorite that was being changed to malachite. In 2012, we ran a satellite survey over 800 hectares of our land that identified native copper at several locations. In 2014, we decided to drill and test these areas. We found native copper in all locations but the most extensive native copper was at the Henry Lake location.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, we spend approximately $1 million in drill testing our native copper targets and looking for a buried porphyry. We found the native copper confirming our technology which was one of our objectives. We also found pyrite in our drill core but no economic copper.

We want to use the satellite technology in the future over a larger area of our claims and search for chalcopyrite, tenorite and native copper. We believe that there can not be 42 discrete showings of secondary copper mineralization without a source that has not been located yet. We drilled a 400m hole at Henry Lake in 2017 once we had 4 out of our 5 previous drill holes had native copper in the core. We had an interval over 43 meters long that had several occurrences of native copper. All of our drill core is at the govt compound at Sussex.

We’re looking forward to more exploration when COVID-19 allows us to do additional work on the property. We have to explore other models of copper such as Sedimentary Exhalative (SEDEX), Iron copper gold (IOCG) as well as porphyry deposit models.